Liquid Pumping

Liquid Pumping

Cleaning your liquid pits and hauling your stock piles in a timely manner. 
Emptying your manure pit can be exhausting and very costly. We have the right equipment to do it right every year. We drag hoses and inject your liquid manure to save your fields from compaction, giving you maximum crop production year after year.

Experienced contractors you can trust. 
Whether you need your manure pit emptied or your excess rain water pumped, you can count on a team of pumping contractors to put over 10 years of experience to work for you.

Budget-friendly pumping service. 
Not sure if you can afford to have a drag hose application to your property right now? Call now for a FREE estimate. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings over conventional hauling, and you'll see the difference at harvest. We can do it better and faster than you can by yourself. We do not cut any corners.

Quality pumping workmanship: 
• Drag hose application, with injection
• Dewatering projects, for municipal projects
• Excess water from Mother Nature

Get the professional pumping service you deserve! Call D&H Field Services, Inc. today for a FREE estimate!